The Wonderstructs Kickstarter is Live!

Build your own amazing rolling ball sculptures and contraptions with Wonderstructs.

Attaches to any wall with no screws or nails needed. Parts can be rearranged easily with our modular design.


Wonderstructs pieces are simple to assemble and even easier to hang on the wall.


Rearrange the Wonderstructs pieces on the supports to create an infinite variety of sculptures and contraptions.


Wonderstructs pieces are made completely from wood, and your final construction will come out looking like a work of art.

Andy Johnston

I am a mechanical engineer working in product design in the San Francisco Bay area.  I have worked on products such as the original TMobile Sidekick mobile phone, the Apple Titanium notebook, and the Sawstop tablesaw safety device. It all started with the inspiring toys I played with as a child — the ones that challenged my creative problem solving capabilities.  I still play with toys, only now with my three children, who have been instrumental in test playing with Wonderstructs!

Keith Johnston

I am a software developer who has worked in both enterprise software and in the computer game industry. My first published computer game was TubeTwist, a game involving connecting parts very reminiscent of Wonderstructs. I later moved to Eugene, Oregon, where I helped create another game involving complicated contraptions: Contraption Maker. I am excited to bring some of the same spirit of those games to life by helping my brother with the Wonderstructs project.

Build your Wonderstructs Sculpture

Watch as Keith and Andy build a Wonderstructs Sculpture in this timelapse video.